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Lada 4x4 overview manufacturer avtovaz also called bognor diva ( uruguay) lada super 4x4 ( egypt) lada bushman ( australia) [1] lada cossack ( united kingdom) lada fora lada hussar ( finland) lada job (italy) lada sport ( iceland) lada niva (worldwide) lada taiga ( germany) vaz-2121 ( soviet union/ russia) vaz niva niva 2121 production 1977–present assembly amman, jordan (lhj) quito, ecuador ( aymesa) bucharest, romania (dunarea) cherkasy, ukraine ( bogdan) cairo, egypt (alamal group) montevideo, uruguay ( bognor) tolyatti, russia ( vaz, vis) thebes, greece ( automeccanica) ust-kamenogorsk, kazakhstan (azia avto) [2] body and chassis class off-road car compact suv body style 3-door hatchback and 5-door wagon 2-door, 4-door pickup and van layout front-engine, full-time four-wheel-drive related chevrolet niva vis-234600 vis-234610 vis-294600 vis-294601 vis-294610 vis-294611 powertrain engine 1. 6l 2106 i4 petrol (1977-1993) 1. 7l 21213/4 i4 petrol (1993-present) 1. 8l 2131 i4 petrol (1995-present) 1. 9l xud 9sd diesel (1999-2007) transmission 4-speed manual (1977-1993) 5-speed manual (1993-present) suspension front independent suspension with coil springs rear 5-link live axle dimensions wheelbase 2,200 mm (86. 6 in) ( hatchback) 2,700 mm (106. 3 in) ( wagon) 2,700 mm (106. 3 in) ( pickup) length 3,740 mm (147. 2 in) (hatchback) 4,240 mm (166. 9 in) (wagon) 4,520 mm (178. 0 in) (pickup) width 1,680 mm (66. 1 in) height 1,640 mm (64. 6 in) curb weight 1,150 kg (2121) 1,210 kg (21213/21214) 1,350 kg (2131) the lada 4x4, formerly called the lada niva ( russian: лада сфера; niva ( нива) is the russian word for "field"), is an off-road vehicle designed and produced by the russian (former soviet) manufacturer avtovaz specifically for the rural market. It was the first mass production off-road vehicle to feature a unibody architecture, independent front suspension with coil springs, and is a predecessor to current crossover suvs which nearly all follow this format; it inspired the suzuki vitara. [3] like the vitara, the lada 4x4 uses a recirculating ball truck steering box for off-road reliability. Pickup and emergency van versions are produced by vazinterservice. Contents. 1 name 2 history 2. 1 cossack 2. 2 vaz-2122 reka 2. 3 lwb nivas 2. 4 nameplate changes 3 safety by modern standards 4 uses of the niva 5 assembly outside russia 6 chevrolet niva 7 modifications 7. 1 short/regular versions 7. 2 long versions 7. 3 vehicles based on the niva 8 versions by avtovaz subsidiaries 8. 1 motility 8. 2 bronto 8. 3 vis 9 notable owners 10 gallery 11 see also 12 references 13 external links. Name 21 ноя 2013. Ветеринарная мазь ям(запах ужасный,но эффект 100 процентный),только. Маргарита, а не подскажите, где купить эту продукцию? [ edit ]. The lada 4x4 was formerly called the lada niva. The name change occurred after the niva brand was transferred to general motors, though avtovaz retains the rights to the equivalent cyrillic name, 'нива' . [4] it was also marketed as the lada sport in iceland, [5] lada taiga in austria, bognor diva in uruguay, the lada cossack in the united kingdom. [6] since 2014 it has been sold as the lada 4x4 in russia, a name which is also beginning to replace "niva" in export markets. It was also the first vaz model which, in additional to its classic export name of the brand and engine displacement, also featured the export name of the model itself (niva), since the previous models ( zhiguli) only featured the mentioned export name of the brand (lada) together with their engine displacement. Also, niva was the only vaz model which used one and the same mentioned model name for both domestic and export markets ( vaz-2121 niva for domestic and lada niva 1600 for export), since the other models had different export name than the one for domestic market. (for example, vaz-2109 sputnik was lada samara 1500 for export market, or vaz-2105 zhiguli, which was marked as lada riva 1300). History [ edit ]. The niva was described by its designers as a “ renault 5 put on a land rover chassis. ” [7] development began in 1971, after 24th congress of cpsu, where alexei kosygin (then premier of the soviet union) gave task to designers of vaz and azlk to create a car suitable for rural areas; for villagers and farmers of the soviet union, since the usual zhiguli, moskvitch and zaporozhets, intended firstly for citizens, were not much of use in isolated areas, which were still plenty through the former ussr. In the same year, team of vaz designers under vladimir solovyev as a chief designer began a competition with azlk in work on a "civilized" four-wheel drive vehicle. [8] the new car was inspired in part by the izh-14 prototype of 1974. [9] it was vaz's first model which was not based on fiat, although much of its mechanics were carried over from the earlier fiat 124 or 125 based zhiguli models (mostly vaz-2103 and 2106). However, the body, four-wheel drive system, and front suspension were designed by vaz. The first prototypes appeared immediately in 1971 and 1972, but were rejected as too utilitarian, so doors and hardtop were added; this version debuted in 1973 and was generally a major step away from usual offroad vehicles of the period due to using an ordinary car body instead, in this case a classic hatchback of the time. [10] this took inspiration from the prototype known as vaz-1101 (itself derived from fiat 127), and was created by designer valery pavlovitch. [10] the 1974 prototype was finally derived from one of already existing models, in this case on vaz-2103 (then newest model in vaz arsenal), by using its 1,452 cc engine as well as sharing some of its features, like chrome lined bumpers, as well as its headlights and taillights, instruments, seats, steering wheel and other. The 1974 prototype was ready to be put into mass production in 1975, however, the appearance of new vaz-2106 in the end of the same year resulted in its delaying, due to the fact that another prototype based on it appeared in the meantime. Until the beginning of production, niva was in trials for years by a team of vaz testers under vadim kotlyarov in most difficult terrains of former soviet union, such as ural mountains and siberia, as well as deserts of kazakh ssr and pamir mountains in tajik ssr, where it was put against its military counterpart, the uaz-469 and even against some western offroad vehicles; the british made land rover series as well as range rover classic and where it showed its outstanding offroad capabilities, mainly due to effective (permanent) four wheel drive system featuring a transfer case and central differential lock, together with its excellent ratio between relatively low weight (just over a ton) and small dimensions combined with high ground clearance (~265mm). Also, its high and narrow wheels (175/80-r16 in dimensions) originally featuring domestically designed voltyre vli-5 tires; offering relatively strong ground pressure and thus having good stability against slipping or getting bogged on offroad. For example, on trials during 1973 and 1974, niva showed it could climb a 58° slope, ford 60 cm (24 in) of water and 100 cm (39 in) of mud or snow. [10] solovyev died in the following year and his place as a chief designer of the project was then taken by engineer pjotr prusov, who in the end took credit for creating the car. In 1976 the final prototype appeared, with the engine changed to a 1,568 cc (95. 7 cu in) from then newest lada model, the vaz-2106 (from which the production model of the first niva generation was generally derived), with permanent four-wheel drive, transfer case and a lockable central differential. [10] the vaz prototype showed better design and results than its azlk counterpart, the moskvitch 416 and so was, after 25th congress of cpsu, approved for production in march of the same year ( moskvitch prototype was then rejected for serial production by the government) as the niva 1600 ( field) for export, or vaz-2121 (alternatively niva 2121 or simply vaz niva) for domestic market, that is, for former soviet union. [10]. For domestic customers, it was described as: car of high speed, improved capabilities and comfort like in all vaz models, or also as: combination of speed and comfort of zhiguli and capabilities of uaz. Actual production began in the following year; on 5 april 1977, while the first export models appeared in 1978 at paris motor salon and rapidly captured at least forty percent of europe's market for four-wheel drive vehicles, [10] making it lada's top-selling export. [11] moreover, it became the one and only soviet car which was sold in japan, starting from early 1980s and it thus inspired their suzuki samurai. Because of export demand, and higher priority for exports, domestic customers faced long waiting lists, despite the fact that the май шоп книги купить car being developed firstly for soviet people, as mentioned in the beginning. [10]. Current model in production, the lada niva 1. 7i 3-door hatchback (vaz-21214). Мазь . 5-door station wagon (vaz-2131) in cuba. Initially, the niva had a carbureted 1. 6-litre overhead cam four-cylinder petrol engine producing 56 kw (76 hp) and 126 n·m (93 lb·ft) at 5,000 rpm, a four-speed manual transmission, (starting with new model from 1994, a 5 speed) and a full-time four-wheel drive. The drive system employs three 12 апр 2016. Представляю волшебную мазь при шрамах и рубцах. Если ваше лицо покрыто крупными глубокими красными прыщами,кожа бугристая. differentials (center, front and rear). The transfer case involves a high/low range selector lever and ниссан марч бу купить a central differential lock lever. Low range can be selected with the center differential locked or unlocked. The original niva had a maximum speed of 81 mph (130 km/h), [10] and can cruise at 56 mph (90 km/h) while consuming petrol at 8. 25 l/100 km (34. 2 mpg ‑imp; 28. 5 mpg Ям бк мазь, 50 гр. Мазь ям бк® наносят тонким слоем на пораженный участок кожи и на 2-4 см вокруг него без. Подробнее купить · асд-2, фл. ‑us). Its towing capacity is rated for up to 860 kg (1900 lb). Coil springs are located at each of the four wheels, and suspension is independent in front, whereas the rear axle is a 5 link live-type, with ratios between 3. 90 and 4. 30 depending on the model and market. Ground clearance is good at 235 mm (9. 25 in) and water 510 mm (20 in) deep can be negotiated. The brakes (disc front, drum rear) are servo-assisted dual-circuit style and the clutch is hydraulic. The turning circle is a relatively low 36. 25'. Cargo space is 0. 48 m³ (17 ft³), or 1. 33 m³ (47 ft³) with the rear seats folded down and, like the classic zhiguli, the front seats can be s...

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